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Born and raised in a family of "lovers of old, interesting, heirloom and sentimental things", I've incorporated good ole JUNK into that list as well. With my family strong behind my crazy ideas, and my friends at my side...let me share a bit of the junking adventure with you!

Today’s Double Feature…Too Cute!

Emily Steele of Burlap & Grace definitely has the corner on cute when it comes to hair accessories! Of course her living models are sweet on the eyes too!  Emily will be vending at JunkFest 2013, and rumor has it, she will also be bringing some furniture with her! Wonder if those cute models are tagging along?!
  Check out her photos on FB here. You’re sure to find something you like!

And if that wasn’t enough cute overload for ya, take a look at these pint-sized outfits from JennaRose Doll clothes!  Shelly Corbett & Bonnie Aamot from Grand Forks will have your American Girl or Bitty Baby dressed for playtime success with their hand sewn doll clothes.  I am seriously tempted to invest in an American Girl doll myself….unless I can talk the gals into replicating some of these outfits in my size!

Whether you’re a collector, junker, or just like to play with dolls, there’s something for everyone at JunkFest!  Don’t forget, food vendors also on sight!  And, music by Amanda Standalone and her jug band Alien Brain & the Jugular Vein!

Be Still My Heart…Central Pharmacy

You heard it here first, folks!  Cassie and Lynette
are over the top crazy excited for JunkFest 2013!
(Missy hasn’t been seen.  Rumor has it the temps were so hot
in her barn when she was working on junk that she may have melted.  True story.)
Anyway, like the sign below says…”For a happy life you need three things…”
but then the next part should read…”good junk, lots of vendors, and
wonderful sponsors to bring them all together!”
You see, JunkFest 2013 was sponsored in part by
Central Pharmacy.
How great is that!?
And you won’t only find your medicine at Central Pharmacy,
there’s a ton of uber cool stuff, like furniture, home décor, cards and SO much more!
Check them out on facebook HERE.
And woodsy things too, for a lake girl like me.  ;)
And even a boutique!!  Gorgeous!

JunkFest and the Flea Market 2013 are sponsored in part by Runnings, Central Pharmacy, and the Carrington CVB.  These sponsorships have enabled us to reach farther, and to spread the word about a fabulous event offering over 90 vendors, on Saturday September 7th from 9am-3pm at the Foster County Fairgrounds in Carrington, ND.  $5 admission (children 12 and under free), free parking, food vendors on site, and live music

Raise the Roof…It’s Maria from Eco Chic

I’ve been meaning for awhile to tell you some exciting news…
Maria from Eco Chic Boutique will be at our Friday Night Event!  You will have the opportunity to learn everything you need to know about chalk paint….woot woot!!!
Didn’t get a ticket for Friday night?  NEVER FEAR!
Eco Chic will also be vending at JunkFest on Saturday September 7th, look for them in the merchant building!
Just look at her…she must have yet another bright idea.  Awe, so sweet.
I can’t even begin to tell you about all the beautiful furniture transformations they’ve done in their Fargo, ND location.  And now they’ve expanded to Bismarck, ND too!
You have got to check out their website HERE.
And their Facebook page HERE.
(disclaimer:  you may want to cover your keyboard so you don’t ruin it while drooling over all their furniture transformation photos.  Just sayin.)
I mean, my gosh….look who hangs out at their store!

Mann Made Signs and Crafting Adventures

One of the perks of hosting JunkFest is meeting all the great shoppers from across the tri-state region (and beyond).  But what’s really great about the junking business and the sale we host, is meeting the incredibly talented, artistic, and inspirational folks that are travelling great distances to help us put on a stellar show! 

That category of people includes Jodi Mann, of Mann Made Signs from International Falls, MN.  Jodi is co-owner of “No Place Like Home” antiques store, and still manages to sell her hand made signs at many shops and events across ND and MN.

Like so many others, Jodi also has a FB page, where you can see some more of her work here.  All I can say is, WOW has this girl been busy!
Thanks for joining us this year Jodi….cannot wait to see your creations!!


Returning vendor Heidi Bear of Crafting Adventures brings her fun fresh mix of hand crocheted hats, cowls, blankets, and chunky necklaces.  Heidi has me longing for fall and winter just so I can snuggle up in one of these adorable hats or cowls!

Heidi also sells these accessories on Etsy, and can also be found on FB here.  Welcome back Heidi!

Today’s Double Feature

Okay, people….have you figured out yet just how incredible JunkFest is going to be this year?!?
Aside from the magic that is JunkFest, our flea market vendors will leave you giddy with their wonderful wares, if not inspired to whip up something fabulous of your own! We’ve got it all..from fancy rehabbed to stuff in the rough! Remember our tag line: Bring your friends and bring a trailer, cuz this ain’t your grandma’s garage sale?  Well this is the year to track down that trailer because there’s no trunk big enough for the junk you’ll find!
Today’s vendor feature is a two-fer….you know….2 for the price of one!! First up Fiddlestix, from Watertown, SD.  That’s right, our neighbors to the south know how to impress with their repurposed furniture, hand crafted items, vintage, and one-of-a-kind finds!
Fiddlestix is a retail store, owned by Shelly Moon Palmer, and has been open for a little over 2 years.
Chalkboards in every color!
School never looked so fun!
Gorgeous details…
Great kid’s room decor!

This is just a small sampling of what Fiddlestix has to offer.  To see more, check out their FB page
here.  Can’t wait to see what Shelly brings to JunkFest!

The paparazzi will be at JunkFest!  Paparazzi Accessories by Carrie Beth brings their affordable fashion accessories to JunkFest for just 6 short hours on Saturday, September 7th!
And when they say “affordable” they mean $5 affordable!  With a children’s line for $1-$2.
Carrie says “After attending JunkFest last year, and the great day that I had, I am excited to return!”
Well, Carrie, we’re so glad you’re coming back! Hard workin’ junkers like their fashion accessories too!
Hope you’ve cleared your calendar for Saturday, September 7th!  JunkFest is the place to be!

Shoutout Time! Yay for sponsors!

A HUGE shoutout today to one of our sponsors!
Runnings has become a junk girl’s one-stop-shop.  Whether it’s just for a snack and a cold beverage, or help in finding just the right tools, parts and gadgets to attach a thingamahoosit to a whatchamacallit, to redefine a junk creation…this stop has it all.
Oh yeah, I do need some more sandpaper!
Aahhh…just look at that paint selection.  Yummy!
So when you need to find that thingamahoosit to repair a thingamabob, or just to get you checked out so you can get home in time for supper…the friendly staff is always ready to assist.
I’m not kidding.  You’re gonna have BUCKETS of fun finding everything you need…and more!
JunkFest and the Flea Market 2013 are sponsored in part by Runnings, Central Pharmacy, and the Carrington CVB.  These sponsorships have enabled us to reach farther, and to spread the word about a fabulous event offering over 80 vendors, on Saturday September 7th from 9am-3pm at the Foster County Fairgrounds in Carrington, ND.  $5 admission (children 12 and under free), free parking, food vendors on site, and live music!
See you there!

My Funky Science Lamp.

Excuse me while I perform a little science experiment here.
Ok, not really.  But I did snag this sweet piece of science equipment and after a bit of a ponder, decided I had the perfect project in front of me.
A bit of trial and error…no science to this decision…I was going for the CUTE factor!
I needed a shade for my new Funky Science Lamp.
And the winner is…
You likey?
Please disregard the binder clip holding the cord!  The lamp was still a work in progress at this point.  I plan to change out the light kit to a pull chain type.

JunkFest Friday Evening Event…want to join us?

The Friday Evening Event tickets will go on sale starting July 20th, until gone.
(don’t delay, they sell out fast!) 
Check out the Friday Evening Event tab for info on ordering!!
The JunkFest Friday Evening Event is September 6, 2013 and is private to advance ticket holders only.  Quantity limited.
Your ticket will get you in the door, fancy schmancy yummy food, refreshments, shopping in the JunkFest building, demos on using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, and a gift from the JunkFest Girls!
Show your ticket stub for free admission on Saturday!
Check out the Friday Evening Event tab for more info!
Sorry, we can’t accept early orders.

The Traveling Trunk and a Good Cause

This is the story of the traveling trunk.
She’s a true vintage beauty that really WAS used for shipping.  You can tell by the address painted on her.  Not the Paris address, but to the gentleman below.  Wouldn’t it be fun to peek into the history of her travels!?
This trunk’s character and sturdiness instantly caught my eye.  Oh, the potential…
But a facelift, some TLC and a renewed purposed was desperately needed.
Which brings me to a twist in the trunk’s journey.
A wonderful organization recently held their second annual “Laughter is the Best Medicine” Foundation Gala.  Funds raised during this event go directly to the Emergency Room Enhancement Fund at our local Carrington Health Center.  Last year there were 1800 patient visits to our ER and the foundation’s goal this year was to improve the ER to offer better privacy to patients.
So I gave the trunk it’s facelift, added some legs for a coffee table refunction, and gave her a new (pretend) destination to Paris.
Donated on behalf of the JunkFest Girls for the Gala Silent Auction, here she is…