Heavy Lifting gets REAL at JunkFest…Big Bertha is sold!

Our friends Diane and Linda from the Barn Chix
 had a “little” something up their sleeve when they arrived at JunkFest…
 Let’s just call her BIG BERTHA
and believe us when we say this old merchant cabinet was incredible!
15 feet long and 31 drawers of vintage glory!

These unsuspecting Junk Hunks

had no idea what they were about to
be called to do!
After all,….
they had already had to wrestle a man to the ground who was trying to sneak in under the fence!
(Actually a very nice vendor who was just joking around with some of our “security” officials!)
When the call came in that “Bertha” was sold,
it was ALL hands on deck!

At this point, she was still on dollys with wheels…
…Then came the heavy part!
I believe i counted 11 guys .
(I hope they all lifted with their knees & not their backs!! )

…and she was up!

With all the hunks workin together…
BIG BERTHA filled the newly purchased trailer (and then some!)

We certainly couldn’t do it without you!

Now, here’s a tiny peek at what was JunkFest 2013:


Pumpkins galore!…

Junque to treasure…

the colors of fall…

…and the smell of mini donuts in the air!!

Gosh, what’s not to love!??
Stay tuned.  More pictures to follow.
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I am a JUNK ENTHUSIAST!…..and several years ago, I was lucky enough to find some friends who shared that passion! Like most Junkers, I LOVE the thrill of the hunt…and the road trips we take (to search for the good stuff) are always quite an adventure!! Three girls, bouncing creative ideas off of each other, packing a trailer tighter than anyone could imagine, pickin' junk from any off -the -beaten -path place that shows some promise...What's not to love?! I think we would all agree that, when working with junk, the possibilities truly are endless...heck, sometimes we even surprise ourselves! Come and join the fun at JunkFest and see what the junk phenomenon is all about!