Dairy Trough turned Beverage Tub for a Country Wedding

On one of our junk adventures, I was compelled to purchase this 
two sided dairy trough: 

I wasn’t sure if it was used to water cattle,
 or if it was used to handle the milk somehow…??
~ I am a city girl after all ~
…but I did know it was in great shape
and it was made of virtually indestructible stainless steel. 
(It even held up to my husband backing his pick up into it!
Indestructible, I tell ya!!)
I had a metal base custom made to fit the trough…
I was thinking it would make an awesome
 beverage holder for parties and picnics.
I liked how it turned out.
It looked kind of industrial/Farm Chic, wouldn’t you say?
A few months later, I got a call from Cassie.
Her friends’ daughter was getting married
 and they were looking for a large beverage tub.
 If it was going to be used at a wedding reception,
I thought it needed some personalization…
a little bling…and a little junk style embellishing.
Something to soften it up just a little.
I thought of this large metal door plate a friend gave me.
I had Cassie cut the word “celebrate” out of black vinyl.
I also had her cut out the wedding date.
I just adhered the date to a burlap type of ribbon,
then brushed on a few coats of poly to both the front
and back of the ribbon for durability.
I added some bling with faceted crystal and a key.
 I poked a hole at the top of the ribbon
 and threaded the screw from the door plate through it. 
That way the personalized ribbon would be easy to remove…
in case the tub would be used at other events.
Cassie found two plugs to fit perfectly in the drain holes…and a truely unique beverage tub was born.
I hear it worked out perfectly at the wedding.
The family of the groom liked it so much, they bought it!
How cute would this be filled with
 mason jars full of lemonade at a country wedding?
What do you think?
(I think I want to borrow it back
 for my daughters upcoming graduation!)
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2 thoughts on “Dairy Trough turned Beverage Tub for a Country Wedding

  1. This is a wash sink used to wash milking machines and/or
    cream separators in a building attached to the barn.–I know cuz
    have used one many times.–Looks like you done a nice job—
    ENJOY !!!!!!

  2. Yes, this is a sink used to wash milking machines, we had one in the milk house that was attached to the barn.

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