An “after” thought

I’d like to share with you some “After” pictures of a sweet vintage table that recently sold at JunkFest.  It’s an “after” for two reasons…, per my standard m.o. there is no “before” picture! And two, it’s truly an “after”thought… in…I’d like this one back.  Not only do I not get before shots of my projects, I rarely get staged after pictures, but this one time I was on the ball enough to put her in my living room for a few quick shots. And now that I am posting them…I realize that I wish I had kept her.

Pardon the glare in these photos…and the dog’s tail in the above. :)

She was originally stained when I got her.  Since I love Miss Mustard Seed’s stained/painted style, I opted to re-stain the top and paint/shabby her spindly legs.


As Lynette said in her previous post….it’s all in the details.  This girl’s shabby details would have worked so well in my house…

And here she is at JunkFest, before all hell broke loose, waiting patiently for her new owner…

How ’bout you?  Any furniture afterthoughts you’d like to have back?
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