Sometimes, it’s all in the details…

Don’t you just LOVE to embellish!?
I know us JunkFest Girls do!
I found some old wooden hangers and decided I would make them my canvas.
I love these old metal numbers and thought they added a masculine and industrial touch.

A dab of glue and a couple tacks secured them in place.

What a great way to hang your favorite man’s ties

Or even your little half pint’s ties!  :)

Then I brought out the big guns…Mod Podge!
Who knew a metal number and some scrapbook paper
could make hanging up your clothes a little more fun!
There are so many fantastic patterned papers out there these days,
 the sky is the limit when it comes to decoupaging!
Now I can store my scarves..
or jewelry…
or coats…
or even my favorite magazines…
in style!
I think they turned out kind of cute, don’t you?
These got snatched up at JunkFest …
(probably by Ryan Gosling,
who I am just certain was hiding in the crowd)
…but you can easily make your own!
Pictures of JunkFest 2012 coming soon….
It was a GREAT day in Carrington!
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I am a JUNK ENTHUSIAST!…..and several years ago, I was lucky enough to find some friends who shared that passion! Like most Junkers, I LOVE the thrill of the hunt…and the road trips we take (to search for the good stuff) are always quite an adventure!! Three girls, bouncing creative ideas off of each other, packing a trailer tighter than anyone could imagine, pickin' junk from any off -the -beaten -path place that shows some promise...What's not to love?! I think we would all agree that, when working with junk, the possibilities truly are endless...heck, sometimes we even surprise ourselves! Come and join the fun at JunkFest and see what the junk phenomenon is all about!

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  1. Nice!!
    I saw you snatch up those hangers but didn’t even think of how cute you would transform them!

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