A Good Junk Giveaway!

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It’s TIME!  Yeah, I know…we said when the blog reached 1000 followers.  Well, we can’t take the anticipation any more….and seriously, don’t you think blogs (although fun to look at) have taken a bit of a back burner to the convenience of Facebook.  And that’s OK.
So….here we go!
Is this not the sweetest giveaway package???  Let’s break it down.
The hammered spoon/hand stamped necklace was handmade by the talented Gretchen of Mimi-Toria’s Designs.  She recreates from various vintage pieces and objects and her work is one of a kind.  She also does custom jewelry so give her site a look-see!
The adorable floral cup above…comes with the Organic Chai Tea below.  You’ll be able to soothe away all your worries with this combo!
We’re not done yet!  Two awesome magazines will come your way too!
We want to thank our VERY GENEROUS new friends for donating some of the prizes in our giveaway! Laura Caroon, Sarah McCurdy & Dan Nisbet of Midwest Junk fame donated the Midwest Junk Guide. It is a guide of 211 Vintage, Antique and Junk Stores and 26 Junkin Good Events located in North Dakota and Minnesota. It also has some junkin info and design ideas. Thanks Midwest Junk…You guys rock!
We would also like to thank our friends at FOLK magazine for donating a one year subscription. You will just adore the beautiful photography and inspiring ideas! Thanks, FOLK…We love you too!!
The first ever edition of Midwest Junk was created by three junk and treasure loving gurus and will guide you to all the best junk sales and vintage shops around the midwest.  The next issue is already in the works and will feature even more junk worthy stops for your roadtrips.  And a bonus…these pages also hold projects for you to try and good junk stories.
You will surely be able to melt an afternoon away with Folk magazine.  You’d better make a cup of Chai Tea before you sit down with this one!  And you’ll be getting a YEAR SUBSCRIPTION!!
The pages within are purely drool worthy.  And contributing editors, like our friend Donna Williams of Funky Junk Interiors will keep your mind hopping on what projects to try next.
And MORE!  (no, not the dress form!)  Look at the beautiful scarf she’s wearing.  It’s new, but has the sweetest vintage appeal ever!

Won’t you look great…wearing your vintage charm scarf, your sassy junk girl necklace and sipping tea…while you soak up some inspiration from Folk magazine and plan your next roadtrip with Midwest Junk!

So will you enter the giveaway????
You must head over to our other JunkFest blog site and comment on the blog post over there to be entered.  In your comment, we’d love to hear what colors your decorating with these days.  And if you’ve ever been to JunkFest and your favorite purchase or favorite thing about the day! 
 Here area some rules for entering:
1.  You will get one entry for commenting on the blog post. 
We prefer that you do not comment as “Anonymous”, but if you must…you need to include your name and email please.  If you have your account set as “no-reply” email, you will also need to include your email address.
2.  If you are a follower on this blog, you will get 2 additional entries.  Please mention if you’re a current or new follower!
3.  Watch our Facebook page.  You may be able to get some bonus entries there as well.  (a few people already did :)  )
4.  We will take comments/entries for about a week.  Hope you enter!!