Wine Crates…They aren’t just for breakfast anymore!

Do you ever get tired of stripping, sanding and painting?
And you have a piece of furniture staring you in the face,……
just begging you to do something “out of the box”?

I did.This little white dresser was in great structural shape, but she definitely needed a face lift!
(And paint alone wasn’t going make anyone give this girl a second look, she was pretty plain.)
After looking around in my stash o junk, I thought i might have the answer…

Wine crate panels!
They are graphic and charming and the pine is easy to cut.
I decided to attempt to make a wine crate “slip cover”!

I began covering all the edges in assorted pine trim pieces from the local lumberyard.
It was kind of fun actually…because I. LOVE. MY. NAILGUN!
Measure, cut, glue and nail….repeat as necessary.

Laying out the top, I tried to make it visually interesting
and showcase some fun graphics on the wine crate panels.
I added some trim to act like a frame and give it a nice finished edge.

Most of the drawers just got covered in plain pine wood.

Except the top drawer, i added a wine crate panel to her and some more detailed trim pieces.

Now on to the hardware.
It had to be kind of rustic like the pine crates, kind of masculine
…and yet I kind of wanted to use something unexpected.
Hmmm…how about leather straps!

See those colorful belts from the thrift store? Perfect!…Really!
I just cut away all of the colored belt material and attached the leather pieces.

I thought they were pretty darn cute…and fit the piece so well.
(forgive me for the poor quality photos)
A light stain rubbed over all toned down that new pine look.
Here she is in all of her new found rustic beauty.
Earthy and mellow, with just a hint of sweetness…just like I like my wine! HAGo drink some wine, people…there are naked dressers everywhere!! 

Lightly edited and proudly reposted by the JunkFest Girls.


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