Farm implement repurpose…those farmers have the best junk!

On a farmstead visit a few weeks ago I found this interesting clip.  Just gotta say, I love old gagets and rusty stuff.
The farmer also had a few of these curved iron pieces he said came from a feed grinder.  My mind initially thought this would work to hold up my daisies in the garden.
However, the clip intrigued me.  It is quite large and my mind was turning and turning at the thought of what to do with it…
So, I dug out the Liquid Nails…love this stuff.
My narrow minded wine drinking brain realized a wine cork would fit snug as a bug in a rug in the clip….you totally know where I am going with this, don’t you???
Next up was my buddy, polyurethane.  Great rust color comes alive with a spritz of it.  Both pieces got a good spray.
Here’s the clip and wine cork ready to go…
Yep – my new WINE BOTTLE HOLDER and its embellishment!
You see, the curved piece can sit a couple different ways to hold wine bottles…this way or
this way.  Either is way cool.
It came together perfectly
with a little help from an farmer.  Quite simply put, it’s a marriage of perfect farm junk!


This post by guest author Andrea (aka JunkGirl).  Andrea was an original JunkFest Girl and has since persued being an independent vendor.  Great repurpose, Andrea!!