Theater seat revived, before and after.

Found this great old theater seat at a garage sale a few summer’s ago. Even though there were boxes and piles of “rummage” on top of it, I could see the potential just waiting to be uncovered. Fortunately, it was a single unit, not connected with a row of chairs, like I’ve seen in the past! Perfect for a small reading corner, den, or even college student apartment.

A little sanding and priming…..and cushion reupholstering…

What movie wouldn’t be a great from this one chair? A little popcorn…soda…dim the lights and it’s showtime!!

Lightly edited and proudly reposted by the JunkFest Girls. 

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4 thoughts on “Theater seat revived, before and after.

  1. Beautiful! A few weeks ago I stumbled upon some old wooden theater seats. I am hoping to revive them and give them a modern look. What type/brand of paint would you suggest I use for the metal parts of the chair? Can you also suggest a type/brand of paint or stain for the wood portion of the seat?

    • Your best bet is to look for a spray primer, and paint specifically formulated for metal. (and make sure your surface is clean before painting) As for the wood, many brands work well as long as the label directions are followed correctly. Good luck with your project!!

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